About Us

Our family, which has played a major role in the pharmaceutical industry for more than eight decades, launched Stella Pharmaceutical Canada Inc. in 1961.

 To this day, our steadfast commitment to offer our customers superior products that help provide an improved quality of life remains a cornerstone of our company’s philosophy.

We at Stella have maintained our reputation as a leader in over-the-counter, customer-focused health products by providing unique, quality products at competitive prices.

With more than a dozen products currently in the marketplace and many years of branding excellence, we focus on several core areas, including diet, nutrition, skeletal and muscular pain relief, baby care and health and beauty aids.

Whether developed in-house or by strategic acquisition, each product is carefully evaluated for market viability, growth potential and overall fit with our corporate goals.

Chiefly, though, at Stella we pride ourselves on responding to our customers’ changing needs. In response to the growing shift towards preventive and proactive health care, we continue to develop products to improve wellbeing and decrease the risk of debilitating diseases.

Our History

Dr Kings Sulphur Bitters is a Stella Pharmaceutical product. Stella Pharmaceutical is a leading provider of uniquely formulated over-the-counter health products with a focus on nutrition, pain relief, baby care, and health and beauty aids.

Stella Pharmaceutical is a family-owned company that prides itself on placing its customers first, responding quickly to changing needs and developing products that improve well-being.

Mission Statement

To deliver products, information and resources to consumers to empower them towards optimal health and wellbeing.